Cockatiels Available for Adoption

Last Updated November 29, 2017


Email for an adoption application, or call us at 816-356-4700 for an appointment to see our birds.
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Burge Bird Rescue
13833 S 71 Hwy
Grandview MO 64030
Not so lucky...

Henrietta is an adult female lutino cockatiel. Her friend Lucky is an adult male normal grey cockatiel. We don't have a lot of history on these birds, they just weren't wanted anymore. Both seem friendly and we want them to stay together if possible. 

Adoption fee for this bird is $20 per bird.
Single grey male...looking for love...

Andrew is a grey male cockatiel, age unknown. He has bounced around through various homes and now he is here, hoping he can find a permanent roost. 

Adoption fee for this bird is $30
No one wanted them in the divorce...

Johnny is an adult cinnamon grey male cockatiel. He comes with his companion, June, an adult cinnamon pearl female cockatiel. They are victims of a divorce and hope that someone wants custody of them for life. 

Adoption fee for this bird is $20 per bird
Left on the doorstep...

Simon is an adult grey male cockatiel. His friend, Macy, is an adult lutino female cockatiel. They were left on the doorstep of another rescue in town. As they have some minor health issues, we decided to take them in and get them medical help. They are ready to go to a forever home. 

Adoption fee for this bird is $20 per bird