Cockatiels Available for Adoption

Last Updated June 21, 2017


Email for an adoption application, or call us at 816-356-4700 for an appointment to see our birds.
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Where do they get these names?

Bosco and Teeter are two cockatiels whose dad died unexpectedly. We don't have an age or any history on them. Bosco is a cinnamon female and Teeter is a normal gray male. They may tame down if worked with and are probably older. 

Adoption fee for this bird is $15 per bird.
Their history is a mystery....

Piper and Graydee are two male whiteface cockatiels born around 2004. Graydee has a nostril deformity and will need to be checked frequently to make sure his nostril doesn't get full of debris. We don't have any history on these guys, their owner just dropped them off saying she was unable to care for them. They are sweet little guys and really like hanging out together. 

Adoption fee for this bird is $20 per bird
No Name, No History

This little pair of cockatiels was rescued from a breeder that didn't name them, so we don't really have a history on them. We named them Pop, the white face male, and Mom who is a pearl female.  Their baby, Lucky is pictured above, Pop the male is in the picture to the right.  While they are not tame, cockatiels are pretty easy to work with and may tame down.

Adoption Fee is $20 per bird