Budgies (Parakeets) Available for Adoption $5 each
(except where noted)

LAST UPDATED November 16, 2017


 Email BurgeBirdServices@yahoo.com for an adoption application or call 816-356-4700 for an appointment to see our birds.

Burge Bird Rescue
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More sad stories...

Peanut, seen in the photo, is a 5 year old blue female budgie, who came to us when her owner got married and the new wife's cat took over. Bella is her friend, a 3 year old blue female budgie. Bella is tame, and came to us when her owner became ill. 

Adoption fee is $ 5 per bird
Bunches of Budgies

This group of budgies came to us when the owner had to downsize her living arrangements.   Moon and Sweetie, green and yellow females born in 2014, are the only two remaining from this group.

Adoption fee is $5 per bird
Saved by the CAT!?

Kitty, seen in the photo,  was saved by a kitty who found her loose outside and brought her in to a human. We have no information on this little lady, but she is feeling good and ready to go to a home. Roy is our budgie that has been with us the longest, so we are hoping to have him go with his new friend Kitty. He is a green male budgie that is at least 3 years old. 

Adoption fee is $5 per bird
Budgies Looking for Work...

James, a male budgie and his friend Vivian a female budgie, are adults that came to us when their owner became seriously ill. They are both white, James has some lavender on his neck. We don't know if they are tame, but they are very entertaining as they hang out with their buddies

Adoption fee is $5 per bird.
Men at work...not really.

T. J. is a yellow male budgie, about 2 years old. His friend, Zeus, is a lime green male budgie about 2 years old. They are very playful little guys who would love to have a permanent roost with someone.
Seen in the picture is T. J.

Adoption fee is $5 per bird
Done roaming, hopefully...

This group of 6 budgies has travelled around. They were taken in by a kind individual, but she found she could not care for them after the original owner never came back. Seen in the photo are Uma, a teal and yellow female and Nini a blue green female. The rest of the crew are Mina a white female, Mimi a blue green female, Momo a blue and white male and Peter, a blue grey male. We have no ages on these birds.

Adoption fee is $5 per bird
Men of action!

Tyson, seen in the picture, is a blue and white male parakeet. His new found friend, Jackson, is a blue male. We don't have ages on either bird, as they were both found flying outside. 

Adoption fee is $5 per bird
Baby Binky....

Binky, seen in the photo is a yellow male budgie. He came to us because his owner was diagnosed with a terminal illness.   We don't know if he is tame but he sure is cute!

Adoption fee $5 per bird
2 Little Buddies need a home...

These 2 little orphans came to us with no information or reason for being left.  Kiwi a teal and yellow male budgie, and Moonbeam a blue and white male budgie are ready to go to a new home soon. 

Adoption fee is $5 per bird.
Second time's a charm?

Sassy is a green and yellow female budgie that is here for the second time. She had been adopted with her buddy, who got sick, and the new owners could not pay for their care. Unfortunately her friend died, but Sassy is hoping to find a new home and put all that behind her. 

Adoption fee for this bird is $5.