LAST UPDATE April 22, 2015
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Our birds are not available for breeding, and we do not ship birds.
You must pass a screening interview (by appointment only) and visit twice to adopt a bird.  We reserve the right to turn away anyone if we think you aren't the right person for the bird.  Adoption fees do not include the cage.  Some cages available for sale.  For an adoption appliction please email
Burge Bird Rescue
13833 S 71 Hwy
Grandview MO 64030
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What other birds do we have?  Sometimes we are too busy to update this site, 
so give us a call at 816-356-4700. 

If we don't have the bird you are looking for, be sure to check with Beak N Wings bird club at to see what birds they have available.


Fred is a male Severe Macaw born in 1992. He came from a hoarding situation, and has probably not been handled in years or even decades. He was probably a handfed baby many years ago, and maybe with time and patience he would learn to trust people again. If you want a macaw but not the giant size, the Severe Macaw is a medium sized bird. Adoption fee $250 Sponsored by Marjie Riggio

Wilma is a Severe Macaw of unknown age, presumed to be female. She was paired with Fred in a hoarding situation, and may be tame but has probably not been handled in years. Call us to come meet her and see if she likes you. Adoption fee for this bird is $250 Sponsored by Marjie Riggio

Harley (on the left) is a 24 year old Severe Macaw, which is one of the miniature macaws. He had to come to our rescue when a family member was diagnosed with cancer. Once Harley gets to know you he is a sweetheart who will sit with you and likes to be petted.  He is very jealous of other birds and other humans, so he would really like to be your only bird.  Adoption fee $250


GoDiva came to us almost completely naked, so her name was Godiva. Because of her attitude, we tended to call her Diva, so we just changed her name to GoDiva. After months of treatment, we have cured her of the infections that caused her to mutilate her feet until she lost a toe, and her feathers are growing in so she now has wings and a tail. We will only adopt her out to someone who lives nearby in case her self-mutilation flares up again (which we don't expect) and she requires more treatment (at our expense). She was handfed as a baby, but was set up for breeding and wasn't handled for years, so she will take patience to tame her down again.  Adoption fee $250


Garfield the Orange Wing Amazon came to us from a dog and cat shelter that was having trouble finding just the right home for her. She was born in 1998 and has laid a couple of eggs so we know she is a girl! She seems to prefer men and will rarely step up for a woman. She needs to stay on a healthy diet to keep her cholesterol under control.  Adoption fee $250  This bird is sponsored by Cathryn Miller!


​Tuki belonged to a young woman who didn't want her any more after she grew up and moved away from home. She was born in 2000 and is a bit of a feather picker. She also has a lump on her chest that we will be removing soon after she settles in. She is a good girl who talks and likes to be held by certain people.  Adoption fee for this bird is $50


Only occasionally available, and only to existing clients of Burge Bird Services for the first 30 days (meaning we have treated a bird for you in our veterinary clinic within the last 2 years).  Contact us for availability.

Shilo is a male born in 2006.  He loves bells, chewing stuff up, and getting his head scratched.  Yes, he does look like an African Grey Parrot's head on top of a big cotton ball, but his lab testing has all been normal so far.  He may or may not stop plucking and grow all of his feathers back some day, so he can only go home with someone who will love him even if he never looks any better.  Adoption fee $400

Pookie is a crested Society Finch born in 2013. We don't know how old he/she is exactly, whether Pookie is a boy or girl, or why he was surrendered to our rescue, but we know he is cute with those little fluffy head feathers!  Adoption fee $5

​Nutmeg is an adorable little Spice Finch. We don't know the age or sex because the owner died and left no records.  Adoption fee for this bird is $10.  Sponsored by Elise Robinson.

Cinnamon is a Mannikin Finch. We don't know if this is a boy or a girl, but it sure is cute!  Adoption fee for this bird is $10

Dijon is a female Green Singing Finch who only has one out of eight toes! She has trouble perching on regular perches and does better with flat platforms to sit on.  Adoption fee for this bird is $10
Sierra is a Scarlet Macaw that is at least 16 years old.  Sierra is tame and loves interaction. Health issues in the family caused Sierra to need a new home.  Keep this bird happy with lots of wooden toys and piles of food.

Adoption fee is $400
Ziggy and her sister PB need a home due to foreclosure. They are sweet but shy, love to play, eat, and hide out in their boxes. We would like for the girls to stay together. We don't adopt to breeders and we don't ship. Adoption fee is $40 for the pair.

Quackey, a female zebra found outside in looking for a new home and new adventures with a new human.

Elvis and Priscilla are hoping for retirement and an change of scenery.
Can somebody make this happen for them?

Adoption fee $5 per finch.

Chili the Sun Conure on the left is a sweetheart of a guy that came to us when his owner passed away. He came with his little brother, Mr. Pickle, the Green Cheek Conure on the right.  They are both tame and would make a wonderful addition to someone's family....

Adoption Fee Chili: $100

Adoption Fee Mr. Pickle: $75