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If we don't have the bird you are looking for, be sure to check with Beak N Wings bird club at www.BeakNWings.org to see what birds they have available.

Birds Available for Adoption

Last Updated: July 17, 2019




Email BurgeBirdRescue@yahoo.com for an adoption application, or call us at 816-356-4700 for an appointment to see our birds.
Ode to Max!

Max is an older bird with mild arthritis, and needs a special someone to love her in her golden years.  She has been in at least one home and an exotic animal sanctuary, and now with us.  Can she live with you next?

Adoption fee for this bird is $300.
Mango the lovebird! 

Mango is a non-tame lovebird. She does not do well with other birds. She is looking for someone who has patience to deal with her. A quiet home would be ideal for her.

Adoption fee- $20
Snow White and Maui. This pair of doves came to us with their four children. They are a very friendly pair. Snow White and Maui are looking for a good home to retire to. The adoption fee for the mom and dad are $10 each.
Romeo and Juliet were two older peach faced lovebirds. Juliet has recently passed away, so Romeo is now alone. He is quite shy and timid. He is looking for an experienced lovebird owner to adopt him and love him in his final days. The adoption fee is $10.

Goku is a twenty-two year old male quaker parrot. He is tame, but it may take some time for him to get used to a new owner. He prefers men more than women. He does have a few medical needs. Adoption fee- $50
Elvis is a thirteen year old female quaker parrot. She is some-what tame. She does well with adults and older children. She would do best as an only bird. The adoption fee is- $100 
Crackers recently lost her cage mate. Crackers is quite social and enjoys talking to you, once she gets to know you. She is an older Amazon. She is not tame, but she may have been handled in the past at one point. She will need to be adopted by someone with experience. Her adoption fee is $200.
Smitty is a nineteen year old ringneck dove. He is partially blind in one of his eyes. He would do well as an only dove. He is looking for a good home to go to. His adoption fee is $5.00.
Shamus is a nine-year old Green Cheek Conure. We do not know if Shamus is a male or female. Shamus used to be tame; with more handling, Shamus can become tame once more. Shamus prefers women. The adoption fee for Shamus is $125.
Freddie is a somewhat tame pigeon. We don't know how old or if Freddie is a male or female. Freddie is a bit shy at first. The adoption fee is $5.00
Kitty is a Timneh African Grey. We don't know if Kitty is a male or female, or how old Kitty is. Kitty prefers men. Kitty is cage aggressive, but does better outside of the cage. Kitty does have a cataract in the right eye. This doesn't affect Kitty from being able to get around. But it is something to watch out for. Kitty is looking for a good home to go to. The adoption fee is $300.
Queenie is a female Gouldian Finch. We don't know how old she is. She lives with Mika, Maya, and Kona. The trio is three years old. She will need to be adopted with one of the society finches that she currently shares a cage with. Her adoption fee is $30. The adoption fee for the society is $10 each.
Diana is a two year old Green Cheek conure. We don't know if Diana is a male or female. She prefers women. Diana is somewhat tame. She is shy and timid, so it will take her some time to get used to a new owner. She would do best in a quiet environment and as an only bird. Her adoption fee is $175
Bonita is a female Quaker Parrot. We don't know how old she is. She shares the same cage as Little man. Little man is a two year old male Love Bird. They are both un-tame birds. They will need to be adopted together. The adoption fee is $75 for the Quaker and $20 for the Love Bird.
Sookie, Pookie, Charlotte, and Charlie are all siblings. Sookie, Pookie and Charlotte are sisters, and Charlie is their brother. They are not tame, and we don't know how old they are. Their adoption fee is $10 each.
Bubbles is a two year old, blue masked lovebird. Her brother, Cheeto is a two year old masked lovebird. They are not tame, and both do well with each other. Their adoption fee is $25 each.
Bonnie is a female, Peach faced Lovebird. Her sister, Clyde is a Dilute Peach faced Lovebird. They are about five years old. They are not  tame. They will need to be adopted together and kept in their individual cage. The adoption fee is $25 each.
Dude is a male Zebra Finch. He is about three years old. He is looking for a good home to go to. We don't know how he does with other Zebra Finches. His adoption fee is $10