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Our birds are not available for breeding, and we do not ship birds.
You must pass a screening interview (by appointment only) and visit twice to adopt a bird.  We reserve the right to turn away anyone if we think you aren't the right person for the bird.  Adoption fees do not include the cage.  Some cages available for sale.  For an adoption appliction please email
Burge Bird Rescue
13833 S 71 Hwy
Grandview MO 64030
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What other birds do we have?  Sometimes we are too busy to update this site, 
so give us a call at 816-356-4700. 

If we don't have the bird you are looking for, be sure to check with Beak N Wings bird club at to see what birds they have available.

"Her name is Lola, she was a show bird...."  ​Lola the 18 year old Blue and Gold was a performing bird at the Rainforest Cafe years ago, but needs a new home now that her owner has moved and can't keep her.  She is shy about meeting new people, but once she gets used to you she will talk, give kisses, allow you to pet her, and maybe even do a trick or two.  Her feather plucking is caused by a combination of issues, some of which we are attempting to resolve, some will require time and patience, but we can't guarantee her feathers will grow back.

Adoption fee for Lola is $400

Green Wing Macaw Jules was born around 1972, and has been plucking for about six years.  We think he is a boy, and he sometimes has a bossy male attitude.  He likes to dance, answer the phone, talk, and sometimes get head scratches.  We are treating him for an infection and think he has a hormone imbalance causing some of his plucking problem.  

Adoption fee $300

GoDiva came to us almost completely naked, so her name was Godiva. Because of her attitude, we tended to call her Diva, so we just changed her name to GoDiva. After months of treatment, we have cured her of the infections that caused her to mutilate her feet until she lost a toe, and her feathers are growing in so she now has wings and a tail. We will only adopt her out to someone who lives nearby in case her self-mutilation flares up again (which we don't expect) and she requires more treatment (at our expense). She was handfed as a baby, but was set up for breeding and wasn't handled for years, so she will take patience to tame her down again.

Adoption fee for GoDiva is $250


Tango is a male Umbrella Cockatoo who is at least 15 years old, and he has some special needs. He has been very overweight and required two surgeries to remove fat from his rear end so he could pass droppings more easily. He also has air that leaks under his skin from a ruptured air sac, making him inflate like a birdy balloon! We deflate him with a needle periodically. Any future medical issues related to his obesity or ruptured air sac would be treated at our hospital at no charge. He is a sweet guy if he decides he loves you, but like most cockatoos, he can be a screamer if he feels you are ignoring him.

Adoption fee $300


Ruby is a male Lilac Crowned Amazon born in 1992. He prefers men and will step up on a stick, but is not fond of hands. He isn't much of a talker and doesn't really want to be petted, but he loves to hang out around his family and share your meals.

Adoption fee $250

Garfield the Orange Wing Amazon came to us from a dog and cat shelter that was having trouble finding just the right home for her. She was born in 1998 and has laid a couple of eggs so we know she is a girl! She seems to prefer men and will rarely step up for a woman. She needs to stay on a healthy diet to keep her cholesterol under control.

Adoption fee $250


​Rio is a Green Cheek Conure of unknown age and sex. He has been passed around thru at least a few homes, and needs a stable home for the rest of his life. Although we were told that he bites, he has been tame with our volunteers, and should make a great friend for someone.

Adoption fee $40


Twig is a Quaker of unknown age and sex. He/she was really nice with the previous owner and would step up and allow petting, blowing kisses and whistling. Keep in mind that Quakers are technically not legal as pets in Kansas due to their hardy nature.

Adoption fee $60


Oh my!  We had a huge rescue of 30 doves!  We don't know their ages, and are working on figuring out which ones are boys and girls, but we know they are all gorgeous!  If you want a bird (or two) that will coo and laugh, never bite, and will allow anyone in the family to handle it, a dove may be for you.                                                                                                                              We will require anyone adopting our doves to show us the cage (or a photo of the cage) to ensure that they will have enough space.  All regular adoption procedures apply, meaning you have to call for an appointment, fill out an adoption application, and be approved to adopt.

Adoption fee ONLY $5 EACH 


Sherlock the rooster got his name because he was running loose on Holmes Road in the middle of Kansas City for 6 weeks. He escaped from someone who killed and ate his mate and was going to kill him next. Roosters are not legal in some cities, but we hope someone has room for him out in the country.

This loose Toulouse Goose was abandoned in the middle of Kansas City in a small pond with a bunch of Canada Geese. He/she may be smaller but was bossing around those big birds. Toulouse hopes to find a home with other geese or ducks with a pond, fenced property, and a safe barn to sleep in at night safe from predators.

Adoption fee $5 each


Only two girls remain from our "The Birds and the Bees in the City" if you know what I mean. When you buy a male and a female finch from the pet store and give them a nest, there will be babies!  If you want birds that will make sweet little noises and don't need a lot of your time and attention, finches Charlotte and Miranda may be the birds for you.  

Adoption fee $5 each

Diamond Doves we have two of these cute little miniature doves.  If you don't have room or time for bigger birds, these pretty little things will fit right in, with only an occasional coo.

​Adoption fee $15 each

Only occasionally available, and only to existing clients of Burge Bird Services (meaning we have treated a bird for you in our veterinary clinic within the last 2 years).  Contact us for availability.

Goose is an African Grey born in 2000 who plucks and chews off his wing and tail feathers.  His lab tests were all fine.  He will let you pet him thru the cage bars but will not step up on your hand or a perch.  He talks and gives kisses.

Adoption fee $300

Lobo is a Timneh African Grey Parrot born in 1996. Like so many parrots, once he became mature, and passed thru a few different homes, he became more cage aggressive. He talks and loves treats, but he will take a patient owner to get him to be tame again like when he was younger.

Adoption fee $250