LAST UPDATE November 28th, 2015


You must pass a screening interview (by appointment only) and visit twice to adopt a bird.  We reserve the right to turn away anyone if we think you aren't the right person for the bird.  Adoption fees do not include the cage.  Some cages available for sale.  For an adoption appliction please email
Burge Bird Rescue
13833 S 71 Hwy
Grandview MO 64030
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What other birds do we have?  Sometimes we are too busy to update this site, 
so give us a call at 816-356-4700. 

If we don't have the bird you are looking for, be sure to check with Beak N Wings bird club at to see what birds they have available.



Wilma is a Severe Macaw of unknown age, presumed to be female. She was paired with Fred in a hoarding situation, and may be tame but has probably not been handled in years. Call us to come meet her and see if she likes you.

 Adoption fee: $200 
Sponsored by Marjie Riggio

Grumpy Old Man

Pepper the Yellow Nape Amazon on the right lost his home when their parents lost theirs.  Pepper is sweet and talkative when he is away from his cage, but can be grumpy in that amazon way.

Adoption Fee: $300

Harley the Party Dude

Harley is a nice 8 year old Orange Wing Amazon. Like many other parrots Harley has been passed around to a few homes, through no fault of his own. He is nice, but shy, and he loves playing in his cage with his toys and bouncing on his boing perch. 

Adoption Fee: $300


Ducky is an Amazon, possibly a blue front hybrid. She is 23 years old, possibly a female. Ducky has a good vocabulary and loves to fake you out with her coughing, making you think she is a smoker! Like any typical amazon, Ducky can be nice, except when she is not being nice. 

Adoption fee:$300


Fred is a child of divorce. Mom didn't want to take him and dad was unable to continue caring for him so he came here hoping to find a new place to call home. Though he was a handfed baby back in 1993, we think he has not been handled for a while and will need some patience. His little sister, Jocomena the Timneh, is listed a little further down the page.

Adoption fee: $400

It's Quaker time!

Jake is a little bit of a mystery. We don't have much information, as the owners didn't seem to know age or sex. He does have a small vocabulary, loves his toys and does step up. 
Adoption fee: $50

Travelling Men

Talk about adventure! Ross and Jack were travelling with their family when their vehicle broke down somewhere in Kansas. The family was unable to keep them and so, with help from many kind people, they were transported here. We don't have a lot of history, but we know that Jack was born in 2003. They are step up kind of guys and we would like for them to be able to stay together.  Pictured below is Jack.

Adoption fee: $50 per bird
Pumpkin Pie?

Pumpkin is a 14 year old female sun conure. She is a little shy about coming out of her cage, but nice when she does. Her previous owners could not take her with them when they moved, so they are hoping we can find a new home for this little critter. 

Adoption fee: $100 
From A to Z!

Annie the canary is an adventurer! She flew into our rescue from the big wide world, so we don't have a lot of information about her, but she is certainly a sweet little girl.

Zorro the zebra finch sitting with Annie came to us when his owner passed away...he is quite elderly  and so will need someone who understands his special needs. 

Adoption fee Annie: $20

Adoption fee Zorro: $5
Not so tiny dancer

Sundance is a 9 year old female that was set up for breeding, but never really took to it. Her owner had to give her up due to health issues. She is very energetic and talkative. While she has not been handled for a while, she is perch trained and should be tame if worked with. 

Adoption Fee: $400